Setting Up Parking Payroll Deduction

To initiate or reinstate a Parking Fee Payroll Deduction follow the process below:

  1. Please complete the online request to receive a “Request to Issue a Parking Permit” form from Human Resources.  The form must be presented at the Cashier’s Office window to purchase a parking permit or to renew/establish a payroll deduction.

  2. Download form CD-88 fill out ONLY those fields highlighted in green.

  3. Identify the amount of your first payment from the Parking Fee Table

  4. Fill out the Parking Permit Request Form.

  5. Write a check or money order payable to CSUDH PARKING SERVICES and make sure to note your campus ID number in the memo section.
  6. Submit all completed forms with your check or money order by mail for those not already on campus to campus attention Cashiers/SFS. For those already on campus you may drop off all documents in the Cashiers/SFS dropbox located in Welch-Hall 270.
  7. Cashiers Office will process payments and mail out permits once a week (Typically on Wednesdays). Ensure your mailing address is up to date to prevent delays.