GEAR UP Services

GEAR UP offers and sponsors a variety of services and resources for students, their parents/guardians, teachers, and school and district administrators. All services are intended to help meet the goals of the grant: increasing student academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education, building students' and families' knowledge of post-secondary education options, preparation, and financing, and improving high school graduation and post-secondary education enrollment rates.

Program Coordinators
GEAR UP Program Coordinators provide one-on-one and group advising, supervise student tutors/mentors, coordinate lunch and after-enrichment opportunities, lead workshops on career, college, and leadership exploration, plan campus visits and educational field trips, and collect and input data.

Student Tutors/Mentors
Student tutors/mentors provide academic support and tutoring, offer guidance and mentorship on career, college, and leadership exploration, and collect and input data.

College and Career Centers
Hawthorne GEAR UP established a College and Career Center (CCC) at each of the middle school sites. The Centers are open during lunch and afterschool, and are used by students to hang out, get homework help and tutoring, and participate in career, college, and leadership exploration workshops.

Student-led College and Career Clubs
The Hawthorne GEAR UP Program Coordinators are guiding students to establish their own College and Career Clubs at each of the middle schools sites. The Clubs are based on the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) Career & College Clubs research-based career and college readiness program.

Campus Visits and Educational Field Trips
GEAR UP students have various opportunities to visit college and university campuses and participate in educational field trips. In June 2018, all Hawthorne GEAR UP 6th grade students visited CSUDH, and in June 2019 they will have the opportunity to visit El Camino College. During the campus visit, students are able to participate in campus tours, workshops, and team-building activities.

Parent and Family Engagement Opportunities
GEAR UP partners with the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) to provide families with the knowledge and skills to partner with schools and communities to ensure their children achieve their full potential.

Teacher Professional Development
GEAR UP provides opportunities for teachers and educators to gain new knowledge and develop new skills to better prepare their students for college. Hawthorne GEAR UP partners with CoolSpeak to provide a teacher PD on student engagement and with PIQE to provide teacher PD on parent engagement.

Summer Programs
Each summer, GEAR UP students will have the opportunity to participate in Summer Enrichment activities and programs. Last summer, students participated in the GO BIG Summer Leadership Camps.

GEAR UP provides various opportunities to convene partners to collaborate:

  • GEAR UP Consortium of Partners
  • GEAR UP School Leadership Team Meetings
  • AVID-GEAR UP College Collaborative Team Meetings
  • School District Partnership Meetings
  • Student Club Meetings
  • Parent Meetings