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Message From the Chair Dr. Matt G. Mutchler

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Dear Health Sciences Students,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to a new semester. Whether you are a new or continuing student, the faculty and I look forward to making your personal and academic experiences at CSUDH as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. 

Although we continue to be in challenging times, this is an opportunity for us to come together once again and support each other as we strive to fulfill your dreams and to make a difference in your lives. The faculty and staff in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences and I are committed to working with you as teachers, mentors, and advocates for your success at CSUDH and future careers. I invite each of you to give us an opportunity to get to know you by interacting with your instructors both in and outside of class. Please do not be hesitant about stopping by to visit your instructors during office hours or contacting them when you need their assistance.  We all know that “life happens” and we want you to know that we are here to help you through the difficult times as well as cheer you on with your successes.

There are numerous opportunities beyond the classroom in which you can become involved in campus life and expand your learning and social networking experiences. Now is the time to begin your life-long engagement with the programs within the School of Public Health and Health Sciences and CSUDH. We offer a undergraduate and graduate level programs. Please see our CSUDH School of Public Health and Health Sciences websites for more information.

I invite you to participate in a variety of activities that we sponsor, including but not limited to the Public Health Toros Association, Senior Living Management Club, Global Health Speaker Series, Study Abroad Program, and Alph Eta National Honor Society. You are also invited to attend our beginning of the semester “Meet and Greet” where you can socialize with fellow classmates and hear about the successes of former graduates. And in the spring semester you won’t want to miss our Job Expo where you can meet potential employers in your field of study.  These are just some of the ways in which your education can come alive. And there is much more!             

I look forward to meeting each of you personally, so please feel free contact me and the office staff anytime:

Wishing you the very best,

Dr. Matt G. Mutchler

Professor and Interim Chair

School of Public Health and Health Sciences

Email   : mmutchler@csudh.edu

Full-Time Faculty

Karla Castillo

Lecturer, Internship & Professional Development Coordinator

Office Location: SBS C320
Phone            : 310-243-2534
Email             : kcastillo@csudh.edu

Dr. Kristen Emory

Assistant Professor

Office Location: SBS C316
Phone            : (310) 243-2698
Email             : kemory@csudh.edu

Dr. Tony Jehi

Assistant Professor

Office Location: SBS C306
Phone            : 310-243-2698
Email             :tjehi@csudh.edu

Dr. Matt G. Mutchler

Interim Department Chair

Office Location: SBS E308
Phone            : (310) 243-3274
Email             : mmutchler@csudh.edu

Dr. Pari Sabado

Assistant Professor

Office Location: SBS C308
Phone            : 310-243-2698
Email             :psabado@csudh.edu

Dr. Archana More Sharma

Assistant Professor  

Office Location: SBS C318
Phone            : 310-243-2535
Email             : asharma@csudh.edu

Dr. Elwin R. Tilson


Office Location: SBS C304
Phone            : (310) 234-2550
Email             : etilson@csudh.edu

Dr. Abel Arvizú Whittemore

Associate Professor

Office Location: SBS C302
Phone            : (310) 234-2698
Email             : aawhittemore@csudh.edu


Ana Barraza


Office Location: SBS C317
Phone            : (310) 243-2698
Email             : abarraza21@csudh.edu

Dr. Donna Dueker


Office Location: SBS C317
Phone            : (310) 243-2698
Email             : ddueker@csudh.edu

Dr. Amer Elahraf


Office Location: SBS C317
Phone            : (310) 243-2698
Email             : aelahraf@csudh.edu