Division of Information Technology Executive Office

Location: Welch Hall, A-435
Executive Office: (310) 243-3655
Administrative Office: (310) 243-3702

Chris Manriquez

Chris Manriquez
Vice President/Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chris Manriquez is the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. Since December 2012, he has served as a member of the President’s Cabinet, providing leadership and governance for technology initiatives and programs that create efficient, cost-effective systems and practices across the campus. Prior to joining CSU Dominguez Hills, Chris held the position of Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Academic Technology at CSU Fullerton.

Bill Chang

Bill Chang
Associate Vice President/Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Welch Hall 380
(310) 243-2369

Bill Chang has been a manager at CSUDH for seven years, serving in several capacities, including Sr. Director of Enterprise Applications and AVP, Enterprise Applications & Digital Transformation. He has over 18 years of experience in Information Technology within the CSU System. In this new and expanded role, Bill will serve as second in command for the Division of Information Technology and be responsible for the day-to-day operations.


Kevin Buchmiller

Kevin Buchmiller
Director of Esports

LIB 2002

Kevin Buchmiller is the Director of Esports at CSUDH, where he has assisted in building a robust and well-rounded Esports program that aims for student success. Before CSUDH, Kevin served as an Operations Manager at the Esports Arena for the University of Arizona, where he oversaw all in-person operations and helped build their esports program, student gaming club, and campus community from the ground up. With almost a decade of experience in the esports and gaming industry, Kevin has participated in nearly all facets of the industry, including playing at a semi-professional level.

Process & Project Management


Natalie Alarcon
Associate Vice President, Process & Project Management

Welch Hall 380
(310) 243-3779

With over twenty years of experience in Higher Education Information Technology, application systems development & implementation, and project management, Natalie Alarcon leads the Process & Project Management. She is responsible for strategic direction and oversight of Digital Transformation, Enterprise Applications, Project Management, and Training & Communications departments. In this capacity, she ensures the alignment of technology, strategic initiatives, and business processes to advance the University's mission.

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Enterprise Systems Operations

Israel Calderon

Israel Calderon
Director, Enterprise Systems Operations

Welch Hall 375
(310) 243-3852

As the Director of Enterprise Systems Operations, Israel is responsible for administering and managing university enterprise-level application systems, including PeopleSoft, OnBase, SalesForce, ServiceNow, etc. In this capacity, he and his team work collaboratively with departments across campus to provide technical expertise supporting business operations. Before joining CSU Dominguez Hills, Israel served as CEO at Sophos Ventures, LLC. And prior to that, Israel served as Senior Enterprise Infrastructure Analyst at the California State Office of the Chancellor. He provided strategic and operational services for system-wide administrative systems across the CSU. He has over twenty-one years of experience in comprehensive I.T. and Enterprise Systems and holds a BA in Human Biodynamics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Digital Transformation

Leveraging web and mobile technologies, Digital Transformation strives to create a culture of accessible, intelligent, and seamless systems to improve the CSUDH user experience by making interactions available from anywhere. We seek to improve university processes, eliminate administrative bottlenecks, reduce technology barriers, and increase operational efficiency by creating intuitive, agile, and efficient tools to accelerate graduation, increase retention, and support the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

Process & Project Management

Process & Project Management (PPM) supports the University's large-scale strategic initiatives by providing resources, tools, and talent that advance collaboration, communication, and accountability. Their primary responsibility is to manage and control project constraints by ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule and within scope and budget. Project management leadership is responsible for establishing and implementing best practices for the benefit of the University in a way that encourages collaboration, standardization, and overall improvement in our educational community. PPM also leads Business Process Improvement workshops.

Instructional Technology Services/ATO


Reza Boroon
Director, Instructional Technology Services/ATO

LIB 5723
(310) 243-2524

As Director of Academic Technology, Reza Boroon provides leadership in the development and implementation of initiatives and programs that support teaching and learning on campus.

Visit the Academic Technology website.

Instructional Design & APP

The Academic Technologies team provides technical support and training for the campus learning management system to DH community. And collaborates with the Faculty Development Center to support instructors in creating, designing, redesigning, or adapting courses as defined by the instructor.

Digital Multimedia Support

Our instructional and media specialists provide support for the campus multimedia tools and aid in creating accessible instructional videos and audio files by adding closed captions and transcripts.


Formerly known as Dominguez Online, the TV & Media Production unit is a leading-edge provider of online educational opportunities.

Distributed Academic Technology

This team provides instructional technology support to academic colleges and departments.

I.T. Virtual Call Center

Using a chat, text, and phone, this team provides remote support to faculty, students, and staff seven days a week from 8-6pm.

Information Security & Compliance

Sara Hariri

Sara Hariri
Associate Vice President, Infrastructure & Compliance
Chief Information Security Officer

Welch Hall 380
(310) 243-2730

Sara Hariri leads Infrastructure Services, Service Management, Tech-Enabled Spaces, Compliance and ATI, Privacy, IT Internal Audit, IT Risk Management, Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery. Sara also serves as the CSUDH Data Protection Officer and is the division's liaison to the CSUDH Police Department. Sara holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Development, Security, and Cyber Security from California State University, Fullerton. She also holds management and IT and Public Sector Leadership certifications from Cornell. She is involved in several local organizations supporting women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and the Girls Scouts of America.

Visit the Information Security & Compliance website.

Technology-Enabled Spaces

Adelbert Baylis

Adelbert Baylis
Director, Technology Enabled Spaces

LIB 1531
(310) 243-3776

Adelbert is a proven team leader with over 15 years of experience at CSUDH. He previously served in the Division of Administration & Finance as a Buyer and a manager in the Procurement & Contracts Department. For the past five years, he has served as an Equipment Systems Specialist for the Division of Information Technology. He is the installation and technology maintenance subject matter expert for learning spaces on campus. Adelbert is a CSUDH alum, having earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

Infrastructure Services

Bill Elbettar

Bill Elbettar
Senior Director, Infrastructure Services

Welch Hall 370A
(310) 243-2430

Bill Elbettar leads the Infrastructure Services and Identity Management teams; he has over 30 years of experience in information technology, with 18 years in higher education. Bill has served as Director of Data Center, Storage and Cloud Systems, and as an Associate Security Officer at CSU Fullerton. His responsibilities include managing the Server and Network infrastructure, VoIP and Telecomm, and Identity Management.

He leads the infrastructure team in supporting a disaster recovery site in the cloud and providing infrastructure services to the campus. He also plays a key role in advancing the PCI-DSS program for the campus. Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He is a graduate of the 2013 Glendale Community College Leadership program.

Service Management

Farhad Mansour

Farhad Mansouri
Director, Service Management

LIB C-108
(310) 243-3581

Farhad Mansouri leads the campus IT Service Management team, which provides the campus with the first line of technical support. Comprised of Service and Asset Management, which includes Desktop Support, HelpDesk, Technology Checkout, Mobile Device, and the Copier programs, his team also works with the campus internship programs such as Computer Science and STEM.

Visit the Service Management website.

Information Security

The Information Security Office (ISO) is responsible for securing all protected information collected, used, maintained, or released by the University and ensuring campus compliance with Federal, State, CSU, and Campus Information Security mandates. The ISO also develops and implements campus-wide information security strategies and management programs for the entire University.


In furtherance of California State University, Dominguez Hill’s overall mission of accessibility and commitment to excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion, DH strives to ensure that its information and communication technology is accessible to everyone.

Cloud Acceleration

The Cloud Acceleration team is responsible for operating that network reliably and at scale. The team also ensures network operations are safe and efficient by monitoring network performance, coordinating planned maintenance, adjusting hardware components, and responding to network connectivity issues. This team continually innovates with an evolving set of technologies. Keeping the network reliable ensures that our users stay connected with our suite of applications, products, and services.

I.T. Operations & Finance

Jacqueline Kuenz

Jacqueline Kuenz
Executive Director, I.T. Operations & Finance

Welch Hall 435
(310) 243-2307

Jacqueline Kuenz provides direct support to the Vice President for Information Technology on divisional matters related to strategic planning, personnel management, and administrative operations. She is a member of the VPIT Leadership Team and leads a team of administrative professionals who serve the IT Leadership Team.

University Effectiveness, Planning & Analytics

Alana Olschwang

Alana Olschwang
Associate Vice President, University Effectiveness, Planning, & Analytics (UEPA)

Welch Hall 363
(310) 243-2503

University Effectiveness, Planning and Analytics (UEPA) organizes, evaluates, assesses, and supports improvement to operations, initiatives, and efforts so that the university can determine how well it is fulfilling its mission and achieving its goals.

Working under the University Effectiveness, Planning, and Analytics (UEPA), the CSUDH Office of Institutional Research (IR) supports and collaborates with campus stakeholders to make data-informed decisions related to university priorities and strategic planning. In support of this mission, IR provides university data to meet reporting requirements, communicates relevant data to the campus community, offers data literacy training and education to university stakeholders, and supports university leadership by providing data and related analytic tools.

Visit the UEPA website

Institutional Research


Ryan Weitzman
Director, Institutional Research

WH 363
(310) 243-1017

Ryan joins as the Director of Institutional Research, most recently serving as the Interim Co-Director of Institutional Research and Assessment (IR&A) office operations and strategic directions at California State University, Long Beach. In this role, he oversaw enrollment reporting, academic performance indicators, such as graduation and retention, and disaggregated data by academic program, student cohort, and demographic characteristics. Ryan is a CSU alum, completing his MS in Information Systems with a Decision Science concentration and a BA in Criminal Justice with minors in Public Administration and Information Systems from California State University, Fullerton. He is currently working on his Educational Doctorate from the Kremen School of Education at California State University, Fresno.

Workforce Integration Network

Krystal Rawls

Krystal Rawls
Director, Workforce Integration Network

Welch Hall 363
(310) 243-3283

Krystal Rawls is the Director of the Workforce Integration Network (WIN) in the Effectiveness, Planning, and Analytics (UEPA) department. In this capacity, she is dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience by fostering a comprehensive understanding among learners of the connections between their skills and potential avenues for employment, community betterment, and personal advancement. Krystal's achievements include her pivotal role in co-authoring a $5M federal grant to bridge the digital divide. Krystal's reputation as an influential figure in workforce development is evident through her feature in the publication 'Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development.




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