University Effectiveness, Planning, & Analytics

Graduating students


UEPA organizes, evaluates, assesses, and supports improvement to operations, initiatives, and efforts so that the university can determine how well it is fulfilling its mission and achieving its goals. The office supports the development of systematic processes and tools to measure organizational performance, improve transparency, and build a culture of evidence-based decision making. The office upholds standards in research and evaluation. UEPA strives to serve institutional needs, improve quality, adopt emerging best practices, and support innovation. This work can only be achieved by working in partnership across the institution, including through institutional research, program review, assessment, accreditation, workforce engagement, and planning.

The focus areas for the office include:

  • Institutional Research
  • Cross-Campus Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting Support
  • Academic, Co-Curricular, & Operational Assessment & Accreditation Support
  • Information Management/ Decision Support
  • Data Governance, Stewardship, Capacity Building & Transparency
  • Data System Development & Maintenance
  • Mapping the campus with ArcGIS
  • Workforce integration centered in skill development

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