Student Data

Data Tools

This site provides tools for exploring student data and uses both census and live data to help you find answers to your questions. Each dashboard includes institutional and student characteristics filters. Data guides are available by topic in the Knowledgebase and are linked in each dashboard set. CSUDH faculty and staff can access dashboards below by using username and password to login (once access request forms have been completed). Open access is in development and will be available soon.

Student Data Enrollment


What are the characteristics of students and how have they changed? Are there equity gaps?

Student Data Retention Graduation

Retention & Graduation

Are we on track to reach graduation goals? Are there equity gaps?

Student Data Degrees Conferred

Degrees Conferred

Are degree conferrals aligned with increased enrollment?

Fall Enrollment

Fall Enrollment

What is the headcount and FTES? What are the characteristics?

Student Data Admission Funnel

Admissions Funnel

How large is the application pool for my program this year and who's in the pool?

Student Data Time To Degree

Time to Degree

Has the time to complete a degree changed? Which takes longer? For whom?

Student Data Associate Degree Transfer

Associate Degree for Transfer

Which colleges are transfer students from and how do those on a pathway do, compared to non-pathway majors?

Student Data Graduate Student Success

Graduate Student Success

What is the enrollment and graduation rate by major, time status, and demographics?

Student Data Alumni Outcomes

Alumni Outcomes

What are the earnings for CSUDH alumni by major and industry 2, 5, 10, 15 years out, vs. non-completers