Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Major Requirements (39-51 units)

Common Core Requirements (24-36 units)

A. Lower-Division Required Courses (3-15 units)

A1. Beginning and Intermediate Spanish (0-12 units)

    SPA 110. Beginning Spanish I (3)

    SPA 111. Beginning Spanish II (3)

    SPA 220. Intermediate Spanish I (3)

    SPA 221. Intermediate Spanish II (3)

NOTE: Students take beginning and intermediate Spanish courses (SPA 110, SPA 111, SPA 220, and SPA 221) as needed those who have completed two, three or four years of high-school Spanish or any community-college Spanish will be placed in the appropriate semester of college Spanish in consultation with a departmental advisor. Students may get credit for some of these courses through the Advanced Placement Examination in either Language or Literature, and/or by challenging them (but never in descending order), and/or by transferring equivalent courses from other institutions.

A2. Required Lower-Division Course (3 units)

    SPA 280. Grammar for Spanish Composition (3)

The Modern Languages Department strongly recommends those students who need additional fluency in Spanish to travel to a Spanish speaking country (under the guidance of an advisor) or to take SPA 230 Spanish Conversation (3) before or at the same time that they take SPA 280. All Spanish majors must take SPA 280 at CSUDH.

B. Upper-Division Required Common Core Courses  (21 units)

    SPA 305. Advanced Composition, Syntax, and Stylistics (3)

    SPA 306. Advanced Composition, Syntax, and Stylistics II (3)

    SPA 311. The Structure of Spanish (3)

    SPA 330. Interpreting Hispanic Literature (3)

    SPA 340. Practical Spanish for Interpreters and Translators (3)

    SPA 350. Contemporary Hispanic Culture: Spain (3)

    SPA 351. Contemporary Hispanic Culture: Spanish-Speaking America (3)

C. Upper-Division Required Courses for each option (15 units)

C1. Literature Option

    SPA 453. Literature of Spain (3)

    SPA 454. Cervantes: Don Quijote (3)

    SPA 456. Literature of Latin America (3)

    SPA 461. Lecturas Mexicanas y Chicanas (3)

    SPA 490. Seminar in Special Topics: Literature (3)

C2. Linguistics Option

    SPA 414. Spanish Phonology (3)

    SPA 430. Spanish Morphology (3)

    SPA 440. Spanish Syntax (3)

    SPA 450. Introduction to the History of the Spanish Language (3)

    SPA 490. Seminar in Special Topics: Linguistics (3) [doc]