Message from the Chair

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Welcome to the Modern Languages Department

Message From the Chair

Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, Ph.D.

Welcome. The Department of Modern Languages is well known for its rigorous academic standards and expectations as well as for a profound care and concern for students. The full-time faculty are skilled and knowledgeable advisors who can help you to become a success story in your eventual profession. Tanto sabes, tanto vales, and a BA is necessary for a well-paid and fulfilling career. Specifically, a Spanish major will certainly go a long way to opening many doors to job opportunities in the private or publics sectors. Many of our graduates go on to an MA degree or a teaching credential.

I hope that you are interested in taking some classes in the department; indeed I anticipate that you will choose Spanish as a major or as a practical complement to any other major. The recent developments regarding NAFTA, the Pacific Rim, and the changing demographics of the United States all clearly show the need to be very bilingual and biliterate.

Another opportunity is participating in the CSU International Program. This means studying a least one semester in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, or Chile and not skip a beat. The pre-approved courses taken abroad count in the Spanish major and, in some cases, financial aid is transferable. Thus you can study, travel, and still graduate on time. Consult with your advisor first.

The department’s professors are willing to assist in preparing your schedule of classes. By the way, some of you have already taken some Spanish courses in high school or in a community college. Some of you are heritage speakers. The road to a BA in Spanish major is shorter than you think!

I look forward to seeing you at CSUDH, certainly in one of my own classes.


Ivonne Heinze Balcazar, Ph.D.
Chair, Modern Languages