M.S. in Environmental Science

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The M.S. in Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program housed in the College of Natural and Behavioral Science (NBS). The mission of the program is to prepare leaders, thinkers and planners necessary to address and solve environmental challenges using interdisciplinary approaches.

Because of our location and internship opportunities, the emphasis of the program is on the urban environment.

Core and elective courses in the natural and social sciences introduce students to the unique problems of the urban environment; to environmental analysis, policy and planning; to mathematical and analytic skills, and to the original research literature in environmental science.

Elective courses allow students the flexibility to tailor their academic programs to meet specific goals. Real-world experience is obtained through internships in governmental, non-governmental, or other organizations. The program culminates with an original research project leading to a thesis.

Career Possibilities

Employment opportunities for recipients of an M. S. in Environmental Science are available in government agencies, particularly in the areas of environmental protection and management; water, sewer and power-generation utilities; analytic laboratories; environmental and engineering firms; private industry management; and non-profit organizations.

In addition, the M. S. in Environmental Science is excellent preparation for further academic pursuits, such as a Ph. D. in environmental science or a degree in environmental law.

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For Students

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