Current Students

Welcome to the Environmental Science Masters Program.

Current students are encourage to meet with and discuss regularly their path through the program with their advisors. Students are encouraged to reach out to the program coordinator and co-coordinator when support is needed.

Students are encouraged to review program checklist and their ‘Academics Requirements’ review found under their student portal at and have this information ready with students are seeking to have a hold removed or receive program advising.

Students completing the Internship “Professional” Track

Students are encouraged to seek out their own internships and discuss with their advisor. Forms required for students completing internships can be found under the ENV 596 Internship in Environmental Science label. Students may complete directed research projects with internship supervisors with their Faculty Advisor consent.

Potential Locations for Internships can be found here: Internships

Students completing the Thesis “Research” Track

When pursuing this track, students must first seek out a thesis committee and most importantly a committee chair. Upon entering the thesis track students will first complete a Graduate Thesis Committee Application. The forms section provides all required forms for students completing this track under the Thesis/ENV 599 Thesis label. Students are advised to discuss with their Committee Chair all aspects of the thesis process.