John KeyantashDr. John Keyantash  is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Science and Geography, with specialization in hydroclimatology. He researches drought, using statistical methods to quantify the severity of drought. He is also interested in the timing and quantity of California streamflow, using geographic information systems to analyze the spatial coverage of stream gages within remote drainage basins. He has also used numerical models to estimate the potential effects of climate change on California salmon populations.  He earned his Ph. D. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources Engineering) from UCLA in 2001.

Dr. Parveen Chettri is an Assistant Professor  in the Department of Earth Science & Geography. He teaches courses in Geographic Information Systems and Earth Science. His areas of research interests are Biogeography, Climate Change and Vegetation Response, Mountain Environment, and Geospatial Technology. 

Ashish Sinha Dr. Ashish Sinha is the current program coordinator. His research is a part of a large international collaborative effort that seeks to quantify the Earth’s natural climate variability on a wide range of time scales.To this end, he and his colleagues employ the state-of-the-art climate models and stable isotope geochemistry of cave-calcite deposits (speleothems) to generate records of past climate from sites across the globe.