Philosophy Department updates regarding COVID-19

March 19th, 2020

Hello! Thank you for visiting the Philosophy department webpage. As you know, the COVID-19 situation has brought on many rapid changes. However, our desire to promote student learning and success has not changed! Please take a moment to read the following information items:

The Philosophy Department Office:

As of March 17, faculty and staff have been asked to work remotely. This means that the Philosophy department office will be closed. Because of this, phone calls do not give you the most effective way of contacting us; if you do need to call, though, the number is (310) 243-3636.

Contact Information:

Generally speaking, e-mail gives you the best way to contact us. Of course, if you have a question regarding your Philosophy class, you should contact your instructor directly. If you want more general information and want to e-mail the department, it’s a good idea to include the department chair and the administrative assistant, Jorge Pena on your email.


We will of course continue to advise students as best we can. All students should seek advising at least once during the semester, especially those who anticipate graduating soon. We thank you for your patience during this difficult time and look forward to serving you.​

All the best,
Dana S. Belu (Philosophy Department Interim Chair)

Toro Alerts

For more information about the university's response to COVID, go to the Toro Alerts page or click the links below:


Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club Presents: Family in A Modern World
The Philosophy Club is open to all interested students! Please join us! For more information and the Spring 2020 schedule, pls. contact the club adviser, Dr. Robert Jones:


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