Message From the Chair

Welcome to the Philosophy Department!

Philosophy is the discipline of disciplines. It asks the fundamental questions that underlie everything we think and do: What is real, and what can we know about it? What is good? What is just? What is the good life? What is beautiful? What is the human being? What is a person? Does God exist? Why is there evil and suffering? The courses in our program explore these questions and more, engaging with the most formative thinkers and traditions from around the world and throughout history. We offer two options in the program, allowing students to focus either on Philosophy or Religious Thought.

Students take philosophy because they are passionate about these questions and want to explore them in depth. Many take philosophy as a second major or minor. Whatever your program of study, it goes better with philosophy.

We have a diverse faculty who are passionate about what they teach and about the students in their courses. As a major or minor you can look forward to small classes with as much personal contact and attention from the professor as you desire.

Brian Gregor
Department Chair, Philosophy