Lissa McCullough, Ph.D.

Dr. Lissa McCullough
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LaCorte Hall, A-323

Areas of Interest: Philosophy of Religion, Existential Philosophy, Comparative Religion

Office Hours for Spring 2021

Dr. McCullough's research centers on modern philosophy of religion and interpretations of modernity. She has taught philosophy at CSUDH since fall 2014, and has previously taught religious studies at Muhlenberg College, Hanover College, and New York University. She completed her PhD at the University of Chicago, master's degree at Harvard University, and bachelor at University of California Santa Cruz. She is author of The Religious Philosophy of Simone Weil (I.B. Tauris, 2014), editor of The Call to Radical Theology by Thomas J. J. Altizer (SUNY, 2012) and Conversations with Paolo Soleri (Princeton Architectural Press, 2012); and coeditor, with Brian Schroeder, of Thinking Through the Death of God (SUNY, 2004). In 2008 she was a visiting research fellow at the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University. Her latest book project on the contemporary philosopher D. G. Leahy, coedited with Elliot R. Wolfson, will appear from SUNY Press in 2020. She is also guest editor of a special issue on Thomas J. J. Altizer for the peer-reviewed online Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, Winter 2019 (


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