Ryan Harvey, PH.D.

Ryan Harvey
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La Corte Hall A-332

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  • B.A., Psychology with Honors, University of California
  • M.A., Social Sciences, The University of Chicago
  • M.A, Philosophy, King's College, London
  • Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Southampton


Professor Harvey is a native of Southern California and one way or the other has always returned from colder climates to the warmth and light of the Golden State.

Research Interests:

My interests are in post-Kantian philosophy, especially the branch of vitalism that began with Schopenhauer and its influence on Wagner and Nietzsche. I'm specifically interested in Wagner's philosophical influence on Nietzsche. I’m also interested in the schools of Asian (Indian) philosophy, especially the doctrines of Buddhism and the Vedanta. I'm especially motivated by the epistemic questions that are implied in the doctrine of Liberation.

Forthcoming Books:

The Case of Wagner by Ryan Harvey

Ryan Harvey and Aaron Ridley. Nietzsche's The Case of Wagner and Nietzsche Contra Wagner. Edinburgh University Press, January 2022.

Ryan Harvey. "The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Wagner." Journal article (under review)