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Understanding Needed Integration 

U.N.I prepares individuals (ages 16-25) for successful employment through our community-based training/work program and supported employment program. We provide services for eligible regional clients, individuals with judicial involvement, and individuals displaying enhanced behaviors through our training/work program. To apply for services visit

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Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities. To apply for services visit

Harbor Regional Center

We serve individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. To apply for services visit

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center (SCLARC)

SCLARC believes special needs deserve special attention.

We are committed to the provision of culturally sensitive services which enhance the inherent strengths of the family and enable the individuals we serve to lead independent and productive lives.

To apply for services visit

Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living (SCRS-IL)

Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living (SCRS-IL) is a cross-disability, non-residential, disability rights organization empowering people with any disability to live full and independent lives by committing to building an inclusive community that recognizes the dignity, humanity, and worth of all people.

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Department of Labor (DOL)

The DOL announced an Opportunity to participate in the DOL Student Volunteer Program that will afford them an opportunity to support DOL's mission in Summer 2024. < more>

The 10-week career-exploration program (June 10 - August 16, 2024) offers a unique platform for students to learn about DOL and apply their academic knowledge and experience to in-person, real-word scenarios through student trainee positions.

Workshops will be conducted to provide students with information related to DOL student volunteer opportunities, how to write a Federal resume, and share insights on various Federal civil service careers.

This is a limited opportunity, so we encourage your students to register to attend an upcoming workshop as soon as possible. You can register for the upcoming workshops here -

Otherwise, students interested in applying directly to the announcement can do so by applying online, via

Please contact the Student Programs Office at if you have any questions.

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Pathway Accelerator Program

Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Attention: College Students we are seeking registered or recent graduated with disabilities in the Los Angeles Area.

Are you looking for an internship? Ready to use your acquired skills from college?

Transition to a job with confidence and Get an internship that leads to a job?

Interested Students contact:

Yesenia Tercero, South Bay One Stop Business & Career Centers

Serving the South Bay 

P: 310-680-3832 | E: