Appointments & Forms

We Offer In Person and Telemedicine Appointments!

To make an appointment for Student Health Services, you have several options:

  1. In Person: Visit the health center in person during business hours and speak to the front office staff to schedule an appointment. They will assist you in finding a suitable time slot.
  2. Phone Call: Call the health center at (310) 243-3629 and provide them with your information, such as your name, student ID number, and reason for the appointment. Staff will help you find an available time and date for your appointment. Please call during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  3. Toro Health Patient Portal: Access your Patient Portal using your student login credentials, navigate to the appointment scheduling section, and follow the prompts to select a convenient time for your visit. *Please note, Optometry and Radiology visits must be scheduled in person or via phone call.

Remember to have your student ID or other relevant information handy when making the appointment.

Same Day Appointments

We offer a limited number of same day appointments. These can be scheduled by following the directions above.


All forms can now be filled out online on your Toro Health Patient Portal.

If there are any questionnaires associated with your visit, you will need to fill those out prior to your appointment. You will also need to update your health history in the HEALTH HISTORY tab and acknowledge the Health Services Consent for Treatment and Health Services Telemedicine Informed Consent in the FORMS tab. 

  • Appointment Related forms: go to REQUIREMENTS & FORMS
  • Appointment Questionnaires: go to APPOINTMENTS
  • Release of Medical Information:
    • Go to MESSAGES
    • Click NEW MESSAGE
    • Choose “I want to request a records release from Health Services,” click CONTINUE
    • Fill out the information and instructions on the page and click SEND

Each year you will be prompted to re-acknowledge your Consent To Treatment.

Consent for Treatment of Minors (If under 18) - Consent for Treatment of Minors [PDF]

Medical Records Release Form - Medical Records Release Form [PDF]

Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire - Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire [PDF]

For new and graduate students who do not have access to the patient portal. Please submit completed forms below: