Welcome Toros!

We have put together a list of resources to support your emotional wellness journey. We have organized them by specific categories for your convenience.  

  • Student Resources contain information such as blogs, podcasts, and self-help books related to specific topics.  
  • Faculty & Staff Resources provide information on how to support students in need.  
  • Campus Resources includes a list of some available student support centers.  
  • Parent Resources is a place for your parents to gain some helpful information about student life. This page is still under construction.

* These resources are not meant to replace seeking professional mental health services when needed. If you have any questions or comments contact us at 310.243.3818.


The purpose of the YOU@CSUDH portal is to connect students with campus resources and other online educational tools to increase CSUDH student success. The innovative digital tool promotes self- reflection, allowing students to be more proactive with their health and well-being in order to make the most of their college experience.

Students can complete brief assessments and create their profile in order to customize content. Users can set goals and check them off once completed, review useful and relatable content, or search for something specific.

Using the portal, students can explore their strengths and areas for growth across three domains:

  • SUCCEED = Academics / Career
  • THRIVE = Physical / Mental Health
  • MATTER = Purpose / Community / Social


  • Visit the YOU@CSUDH website
  • Click on "Log in with Your ID" icon. Use your CSUDH credentials (username and password).
  • Next, confirm your CSUDH email.
  • Next, click on the "Create a Customized Dashboard" icon and follow the directions their after.


The YOU@CSUDH platform collects basic user information (name, email address, etc.). This information is collected to allow the platform to enable secure access and personalized resources for individual users. In addition, YOU@CSUDH collects product usage data (clicks, time spent on the site, search terms, etc.) each time a student uses the platform.

However, YOU@CSU’s comprehensive privacy defenses protect this information from risk. For example:

  • Data like names and email addresses are always encrypted to protect the student’s identity.
  • We restrict our team’s access to student data, limiting access of confidential information to only key development staff.
  • YOU@CSUDH analytics use aggregate data and prevents displaying small results sizes.
  • YOU@CSUDH information is not sold to any outside third party.


CSUDH is in partnership with Grit Digital Health, a company created by Cactus Communications and their owner Joe Conrad.  A research agreement between CSUDH and Grit Digital Health was formalized in November 2020 for You@CSUDH content creation/review, concept testing and evaluation. The portal launched in Spring 2021. Student Psychological Services at CSUDH have worked closely with the company to envision and continue to enhance the portal.


For University-specific questions, contact Josephine Lara, Mental Health Educator

310.243.3818 |

Student Psychological Services on Social Media: