Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Elizabeth Hernandez, MPA

Top 5 Gallup Strengths: Futuristic ⁞ Strategic ⁞ Achiever ⁞ Intellection ⁞ Learner

An American of Mexican descent, Elizabeth Hernandez grew up in Wilmington, CA with both of her parents and four siblings.  She is both a first-generation college graduate and the first in her family to attend and graduate college. She began her career in higher education as a student assistant and peer advisor with TRIO Student Support Services. Her passion and purpose remain in student access and student success. 

During her time off from work, Elizabeth loves spending quality time with her family, journaling, traveling and volunteering in her hometown of Wilmington, CA.


Associate of Arts, Arts & Humanities, L.A. Harbor College

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Administration, CSU Dominguez Hills

Master of Public Policy & Administration, CSU Long Beach

Tyffanye Le, MS
Program Specialist

Top 5 Gallup Strengths: Harmony ⁞ Individualization ⁞ Futuristic ⁞ Relator ⁞ Discipline

Tyffanye Le is a first-generation college graduate and the first in the family to obtain a master's degree. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Science in Counseling, both at CSU Dominguez - Go Toros! Through her educational journey, she discovered her purpose, and now helping others find theirs. Her advising philosophy is to establish trust and to guide students in building autonomy and taking ownership of their decision-making. She strives to provide as many resources as she can to help students understand their options in making the most suitable decision towards their success as well as personal growth. Tyffanye believes the development now will prepare them for their future.

When Tyffanye is not working, she likes to try new recipes and do wood-working projects. These are some of her self-care activities when unwinding.


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, CSU Dominguez Hills

Master of Science, Counseling, CSU Dominguez Hills

Efren Melena, MS
Program Advisor

Top 5 Gallup Strengths: Harmony ⁞ Connectedness ⁞ Responsibility ⁞ Restorative ⁞ Context

Efren Melena is a first-generation college graduate who grew up in Long Beach, CA. After high school, he attended Long Beach City College where he completed his general education. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and Master of Science in Counseling from CSUDH! GO TOROS! He is passionate about creating a space where students can raise questions, concerns, or thoughts about their career and academic goals. His passion is to serve underrepresented student populations and help them reach their full potential at CSUDH and beyond. He believes that all students can achieve their career and academic goals with the proper guidance and support.

On his spare time, Efren enjoys learning about his ancestors, exploring coffee shops, and spending quality time with his loved ones.


Bachelor of Arts, Human Services, CSU Dominguez Hills

Master of Science, Counseling, CSU Dominguez Hills

Yesenia Alonso
Administrative Assistant

Top 5 Gallup Strengths: Responsibility ⁞ Consistency ⁞ Input ⁞ Discipline ⁞ Futuristic

Yesenia Alonso currently serves as the Administrative Assistant for the TRIO SSS Program.  In her current role, she supports the SSS Team with daily program operations.  Although she works primarily behind the scenes, she is an integral part of the SSS team and is a valued CSUDH Staff member.  When she is not working, she loves spending time with her family and loves attending concerts.