Program Services

The Student Support Services Program provides a wide range of services to support participants as they navigate and achieve their academic goals at CSUDH.

Academic Advising & Support

We provide individualized academic counseling, academic planning, information regarding graduate/professional schools, and personal/academic support.

Priority Registration 

Participants in our program receive priority registration, a benefit that is granted upon submitting the SSS Progress Report.

Peer Advisement

Get first-hand tips for navigating college life from students just like you.

SSS Workshops

Take advantage of workshop instruction to improve career preparedness, student leadership skills, time management, and strengths curriculum.

Computer Lab & Study Space

Access to our private computer lab with complimentary printing and designated study spaces.

Financial Literacy & Education

Provided to participants to increase financial awareness to assist with their decision-making processes regarding all financial matters.

Co-curricular Events & Tours 

Enjoy the benefits of participating in culturally enriching activities outside of the classroom! Activities are planned each semester and may include campus tours, cultural events/museums, retreats, and national leadership conferences. 

Campus Collaboration

We belong to a campus community that focuses on student success. We work with our campus partnerships to ensure that our students are aware of all that CSUDH has to offer.

TRIO National Network

#TRIOworks Participants belong to the national TRIO movement. TRIO is a set of federally-funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree. More than 800,000 low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities — from sixth grade through college graduation — are served by over 3,100 programs nationally. 

Student Support Services is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is administered by the Division of Student Affairs and CSUDH Foundation (Higher Education Act of 1965 Sec.402D.20 U.S.C 1070a-14).

The Federal TRIO Programs (TRIO) are Federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO includes eight programs targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post baccalaureate programs. TRIO also includes a training program for directors and staff of TRIO projects.

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