Tutoring Guidelines

General Center Guidelines

  1. Services are for currently enrolled CSUDH students taking CSUDH courses.
  2. Students must have a valid CSUDH ID to access TLTC services and facilities.
  3. No eating in the center, but beverages with lids are allowed.
  4. Use open study spaces for academic purposes.
  5. Keep learning spaces tidy and as you found it.
  6. All services support students to become independent life-long learners.
  7. All services abide by the campus’ Academic Integrity policy and exclude answer-checking and editing services. Students will always be responsible for their own work.
  8. Find more information at: https://www.csudh.edu/student-conduct/academic-integrity/
  9. The center is considered a laboratory instructional space. Any Campus, CSU, and County guidelines must be followed whenever they are mandated.
  10. SdRC accommodations will be granted based on tutor availability.

Session Code of Conduct

  1. Check in at the front desk to be assigned to the next available tutor.
  2. Expect tutors to provide strategies NOT answers.
  3. Expect to review concepts NOT finish assignments.
  4. Understand that tutors are experienced learners and NOT experts.
  5. Understand that sessions are not substitutions for missed lectures.
  6. Come prepared with assignments and materials.
  7. Expect to work in groups.
  8. Discuss processes but be responsible for your own work.
  9. Be respectful to the tutor and group members.
  10. Return to the front desk to check out or be assigned to the next tutor.