Program Review Panel


California State University, Dominguez Hills is committed to the development and delivery of excellent academic programs that reinforce our position as a comprehensive model urban university. An important element in fostering program excellence and a vigorous university is a policy of regular self-assessment and planning, implementation, and evaluation. Classroom and programmatic change grounded in this policy are the foundation of the review process. Program review includes analyses of the achievement of each program’s learning objectives and outcomes, program retention and completion, and, where appropriate, results of licensing examinations and placement, and evidence from community members such as employers and professional organizations. The policy and procedures described are based on the goals and values that the University believes is consistent with CSU Chancellor’s office requirements and current accreditation.

if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Academic Programs or the PRP Chair, Wendolyn Vermeer via email. 

Goals of Academic Program Review

  1. To encourage creativity in the teaching and learning environment while ensuring academic integrity.
  2. To document congruence of the goals of academic programs with the University’s Strategic Plan.
  3. To assess areas of strength and areas needing improvement in academic programs.
  4. To evaluate student, teaching and learning, and program outcomes identified by the faculty and held to be indicative of quality.
  5. To provide evidence of a high quality academic program gleaned from external and internal sources to support program improvement or maintenance.
  6. To recommend resource needs to achieve program improvement or maintain high quality based upon pertinent, current data.

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Summary Agreements

View Past Program Review Summary Agreements

Academic Master Plan

Please select the current academic year to view when your Academic Program Review cycle is projected to occur. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Programs

Faculty Information & Documents

Faculty Information

Documents/Information for External Reviewer Visits

Departments are required to submit the following documents for the External Reviewer visits for reporting purposes. If your program reports to an external accrediting body, please contact the Office of Academic Programs before proceeding with your search for an external reviewer.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Programs via email or call (310) 243 - 3308. 

NOTE: Links provided are to CSUDH department landing pages, as links are subject to change. 

Accounting Services - Due to COVID-19 restrictions all visits will be held virtually via video conference calls (i.e., Zoom)

The following forms should be completed before the external review visit:

  • Hospitality Authorization Form
  • Travel Request Form 

The following form(s) should be complete after the external review visit:

  • Travel Expense Claim (post-visit)

Human Resources Management Forms

Please contact the Office of Academic Programs to initiate the following:

  • Special Consultant Contract
  • Special Consultant Voucher
Panel Member Information/Documents
  • Panel Charge
  • Processes & Procedures
  • Roster
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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