University Writing Committee (UWC)

The University Writing Committee (UWC), a standing committee of the Academic Senate, seeks to build and maintain a robust culture of writing at CSU Dominguez Hills to positively impact and support students, faculty, and staff. 

For questions related to the University Writing Committee of the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), please contact Dr. Siskanna Naynaha at or visit the Academic Senate UWC webpage.

UWC Charge

Please note: The meeting agendas and minutes listed below are tentative and subject to change. All finalized agendas and meeting minutes are available on the CSUDH Academic Senate website.

Committee Membership
  • Siskanna Naynaha, Committee Chair, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
  • TBA, CBAPP Representative
  • Rui Sun, Interim Director of Assessment
  • Mike Karlin, COE Representative
  • Jim Hill, Chair of EPC
  • Sumino Otsuji, GWAR Coordinator
  • Jennifer Brandt, CAH Representative
  • Kathryn E. Theiss, CNBS Representative
  • Iris A’Hirataro, CHHSN Representative
  • Carolyn Caffrey - University Library Representative
  • Ryan Khoo, Director of the Toro Learning & Testing Center
  • Sherwin Sales, Director of the Writing Center
  • Kim Costino (ex officio), Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Vacant, Student Representative 
  • Miriam Hernandez, Multilingual Representative
  • Administrative Support, Academic Programs

Please note: The agendas listed below are tentative and subject to change. All finalized agendas are available on the CSUDH Academic Senate website.


Curriculum Review Calendar

  • 2023-2024 University Writing Committee Calendar [PDF]
Sample Proposals

Examples of Approved GWAR-Certifying Matrices