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The Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Empowerment (CAPE) provides confidential assistance, support, and education for those affected by sexual abuse/assault, intimate relationship abuse, and/or stalking. The goal of CAPE is to help individuals overcome the negative consequences of abuse in order to accomplish their academic, professional, and personal goals. Our services are available to CSUDH students, staff, and faculty.

 How we can help:

  • A confidential space to discuss any matter related to interpersonal abuse (sexual assault/abuse, intimate partner abuse, stalking, and sexual harassment)
  • Opportunities to explore and evaluate options for overcoming past or present abuse
  • Information and ongoing support (including accompaniments) with any reporting process including Title IX, Police, and other off-campus agencies
  • Ongoing support to ensure safety and well-being
  • Safety planning and assistance (including accompaniments) with obtaining restraining orders
  • Assistance with reasonable housing and academic accommodations

Phone: (310) 243-2567

***Confidential office located in the Student Health Center, accessible by appointment only***

Confidentiality and Privacy:

Conversations with a CAPE Counselor/Advocate are confidential and do not constitute making a report or filing a formal complaint. The CAPE Counselor/Advocate will not contact academic or university staff, parents, or others without the person's consent. To assure privacy and confidentiality, CAPE does not keep formal records or detailed notes.

CAPE is a confidential campus resource and does not share information without someone's permission. We also do not report or share information with the Office of Equity and Inclusion (Title IX) or University Police.

CAPE does not provide services to those accused of sexual misconduct. If someone that has been accused of sexual misconduct needs support, they may contact CSUDH’s Psychological Services at (310) 243-3818.

This website was created to provide as much information as possible regarding abuse and support options. We understand that it can be difficult to seek help. Please use the menu to the left to get information; if there is something else you would like to see here or you have any questions, please email us at (please do not share any confidential information in the email).

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