Training and Education

Training and Education


These workshops are best suited for students; they can be presented during club/organization meetings and/or as part of a class lecture.

  • CAPE 101: Information about CAPE programs and services (5-15 mins.)
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse: Dynamics, resources, how to help (45 minutes minimum)
  • Intimate Partner Abuse: Dynamics, resources, how to help (45 minutes minimum)
  • Stalking: Dynamics, resources, how to help (30 minutes minimum)
  • Sexual Harassment: Dynamics, resources, how to help (30 minutes minimum)
  • Bystander Intervention Training: Provides an overview of how we can potentially stop an act or abuse or violence before it occurs (45 minutes minimum)


Develop professional skills to support persons that have experienced interpersonal abuse. Some of the workshops offered include-

  • Student Staff Training: How to support a student that discloses interpersonal abuse (45 minutes minimum)
  • Training for Students: How to address sexual harassment in internship sites, employment, or other professional settings (this workshop specifically covers how to set appropriate professional boundaries and reporting options)
  • Faculty and Professional Staff: How to support a student that discloses interpersonal abuse (this workshop includes information about the history of Title IX, campus climate, and how academic success is impacted by these issues)

To request a presentation from CAPE please contact Claudia Arguelles at or (310) 243-2880.


CSUDH’s Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) manages Not Anymore. For more information and/or technical support about the online training please visit:

Alternate "Not Anymore" Live Training

Students are required to complete a yearly online training called Not Anymore. Not Anymore provides important information about sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.

 Not Anymore covers difficult topics that may bring up negative memories. To address this and minimize any impact, CAPE is providing a trauma-informed version of the Not Anymore training in a workshop setting. These workshops will cover all the required information from the online training without real-life scenarios. The Not Anymore support workshops will be hosted on zoom and led by CAPE staff, who are certified sexual assault and domestic violence counselors.

To see our workshop schedule and/or register for a Not Anymore support workshop, please visit

If you prefer to complete the training one on one with a counselor, schedule an appointment via our online scheduling system at

For more information about Not Anymore Support Workshops please visit


CAPE also offers consultations for student organizations and campus departments that wish to host events related to sexual assault/abuse, intimate partner abuse, stalking, and sexual harassment. For event-related consultation, please contact us directly at or (310) 243-2567.

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