On-Campus Support (Non-Confidential)

CSUDH departments are more than happy to support anyone overcoming abuse; however, all CSUDH staff (including student staff) and faculty are required to notify the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) of any known incidents of sexual misconduct.

This does not mean students cannot ask for help, but be aware that staff and faculty will need to provide the OEI with the student’s name and what type of abuse they have experienced. The purpose of this is to ensure that every student receives support and has the opportunity to report if they wish to do so.

When OEI receives a notification about a student, they will send an email offering support, resources, and an opportunity to schedule a meeting. It is the student’s decision whether or not they want to file a report/complaint. The student has the option to file a Title IX report at any time. For more information about Title IX click here.

Campus Faculty and Staff

CSUDH faculty and staff are here to provide support for our campus community. Understandably, some people feel most comfortable confiding in their professor, advisor, or other employee. However, keep in mind that faculty and staff (including student staff) are required to report any known incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX office.

Student disAbility Resource Center

Phone: (310) 243-3660
Location: Welch Hall, Room D-180
Website: https://www.csudh.edu/sdrc/

The Student disAbility Resource Center is focused on making sure CSUDH students with disabilities have full access to the university’s educational, cultural, social, and physical facilities and programs. We provide a centralized source for information for students with disabilities, as well as faculty and staff who work with them. Our services are aimed at helping students with disabilities realize their full rights to reasonable accommodations, as well as the ability to advocate for themselves, participate fully in campus and learning environments, and reach their educational goals, including graduation.

Women+s Resource Center

Phone: (310) 243-2486
Email: womensctr2@csudh.edu
Location: Small College Complex, Room 148
Website: https://www.csudh.edu/wrc/

Founded in 1972 and reopened in 2014, the WRC provides a safe space for women to discuss and explore the issues that affect them and their communities. The WRC supports students as they reach toward their personal, academic, and professional success.

The WRC connects the campus and community to a wide range of resources, programs, events, and opportunities designed to empower women of all ages and backgrounds.

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