Behavioral Science

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Bachelor of Arts
Program Office: SBS G-322, (310) 243-2123


Hyo Joon Chang, Program Coordinator

Heather Butler (Psychology)

Billy Wagner-Huang (Sociology)

Sarah R. Taylor (Anthropology)

Hyo Joon Chang (Political Science) 

Program Description:

The undergraduate program in Behavioral Science is designed to provide the student with a broad systematic understanding of human behavior, and of the biological, psychological, cultural, political and social factors that influence such behavior. The program stresses the mastery of key behavioral science concepts; exposure to significant behavioral science theories drawn from psychology, sociology, anthropology and political science; the development and utilization of rigorous investigation, observation and research skills common to the behavioral sciences; and the ability to integrate knowledge across the behavioral sciences. The program provides practical knowledge and skills with enduring career applicability.

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