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Cynthia Ford-Verdine

Cynthia Ford Verdine

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Prior to coming to the College of NBS, Cynthia worked in the College of Education as a Scheduler for Teacher Education and Graduate Education for 14 years, along with various administrative support positions. She has served as Schedule Coordinator for the College of NBS for over 10 years now. Cynthia has a thorough understanding of CSU policies and practices regarding class scheduling.


As the Schedule Coordinator of College of Natural and Behavioral Science (CNBS), Cynthia acts as a liaison between College departments, the Academic Affairs University Schedule Coordinator (AAUSC), the Administrative Analyst Specialist for Academic Programs and University Catalog, and other Divisions. She ensures coordination of course offerings with efficient room utilization, and monitors, tracks and reconciles College space allocation and use.  Cynthia also participates as an active member of the Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space Allocation & Utilization Committee.  Her other responsibilities include working closely with the Associate Dean and Financial Recourse Manager to monitor enrollment during the registration process to determine when classes need to be opened and when classes need to be cancelled, and monitoring faculty workload and updating new and part-time faculty information.