Career possibilities

Graduates from the Digital Media Arts program will find career opportunities in a wide range of existing entertainment, informational and educational venues. The broad focus of the instruction in this program prepares students for roles as media production specialists, audio engineers and producers, interactive designers, music technologists and MIDI-assisted composers. The emerging areas of the internet and DVD will create additional demand for graduates skilled in advanced media production techniques.

The Television Arts program with its hands-on training and production project experience prepares graduates for a variety of career opportunities in the television and film industry such as producer, director, writer, camera operator, video editor, lighting director, sound technician, and electronic graphics and animation designer in a variety of venues such as commercial broadcasting at TV stations, networks, studios, and production houses; noncommercial television such as in-house corporate, government, educational, and institutional communications operations; public access and local origination cable television; and of course, free-lance production services as a video consultant.