Digital Media Arts

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Welcome to the Digital Media Arts Department!

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Digital Media Arts at CSUDH is a “hands-on”, professionally-oriented B.A. Degree program geared for students who want marketable job skills for careers in the television, motion picture, music recording, interactive, and emerging digital media industries. Students have an option to major in

  1. Audio Recording
  2. Music Technology
  3. Television Arts

In this program, students produce their own music recording, music video, documentary, drama, TV commercial, interactive DVD, and 5.1 surround DVD-Audio projects in our facilities that are available to students on a 24/7 basis.

Our production facilities feature a 10,000 square foot, multi-camera TV Studio equipped with Ultimatte digital compositing technology; a Recording Studio for tracking and mixing professional-quality music projects; Avid Editing Suites for editing drama, documentary, music video, and promotional projects; a MIDI Lab for original music scoring and composition; Portable Camera Systems with lighting kits, boom microphones, and fluid head/dolly/crane supports; a Ramsa Station for ADR, foley, and sound effects editing; a Mackie Station for 5.1 Surround; and a Design Lab with twenty G4 stations to design titles, motion graphics, and 3D animation using Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Lightwave, and Pro Tools with M Boxes.

The DMA curriculum emphasizes collaborative teamwork among students in our three program options. For example, Television Arts students will write, produce, film, and edit a drama project that our Audio Recording students then take over to perform the sound design elements of ADR, foley, and sound effects editing, while our Music Technology students compose, arrange, and record original music scores for the film’s soundtrack. Conversely, our Audio Recording and Music Technology students produce a band’s song on CD or DVD-Audio, while the Television Arts students film and edit the music video for the song.

Our students have won national and statewide awards for their productions and our graduates have gone on to win prestigious awards in the industry (see Student Awards). Employers report that they hire our graduates because they have marketable job skills, hands-on experience, and a professional orientation from courses and projects that emphasize quality and high standards. With Hollywood just 20 minutes from campus, our students find work as sound engineers, producers, writers, directors, editors, camera operators, and technicians in a variety of broadcast, entertainment, corporate, and educational venues.

George Vinovich Ph.D.
Chair, Digital Media Arts

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