Hardware & Software Reqs for Design and DMA Majors

All juniors and transfer students entering the Art Major: Design option and the Digital Media Arts BA programs are required to purchase a laptop and software for use in their courses:



● = Required

MacBook Pro 2.6GHz  16GB RAM
(min. 256GB SSD Storage)
AppleCare MaintenanceCreative Suite Master Collection
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premieire, Encore
Final Cut  Studio 2ProTools HDTassmanReasonLogic
Art Major/Design Option     
TV Major/Digital Graphics Minor     
Audio Rec Major/Digital Graphics Minor
Audio Rec Major/Music Minor 
Music Tech Major/Music Minor  


Purchasing Laptops and software
For web purchases, CSU Dominguez Hills has worked directly with Apple Computer to set up an online store specifically for students entering our program.

Click here to access the CSU Dominguez Hills Apple Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Financial Aid be used to help cover the cost of a laptop?
Yes. The cost of a laptop can be included into your loan. Please contact Financial Aid. In addition, Apple offers their own loan program called the Apple Instant Loan. Please consult their site for further information.

I already have a Macintosh laptop. Do I have to buy a new one? No, as long as your laptop meets the basic configurations to run the required programs.

I have a Windows laptop. Can I use that instead? Both of our labs are entirely Mac-based (as is most of the professional graphic design world). While all the required software is available in identical Windows versions, you may run into difficulties with things like exchanging files across platforms, working with fonts, etc. Please realize that if you choose to work on the Windows platform, all such configuration issues will be your responsibility.

Where do I go for support? What if it breaks? Apple laptops come with a one-year warranty. You can purchase an extended warranty for three years (called Apple Care) when you purchase your laptop.

What if it gets lost or stolen? Is it covered by insurance? Most likely your laptop will be covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Talk to your insurance agent for details.

Please contact Art and Design IST, Karen Mossiah at kmossiah@csudh.edu if you have any question before purchasing equipment for Art & Design classes.