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College of Arts and Humanities

Location and Mailing Address:
College of Arts and Humanities
North Library, 5090
CSU, Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90747
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Staff Directory

Dr. Tim Carontcaron@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 243-3389Dean
Dr. Tim Chintchin@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 243-3389Associate Dean
Gwendolyne Taylorgtaylor@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 243-3360Academic Resource Manager
Khadija Andersonkcooper@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 243-3389Assistant to the Deans
Christian Rodriguezccalderarodriguez1@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 243-3389Administrative Support Coordinator
Dylan Wrightdwright@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 243-2444College Scheduler

College Advisors

Laurie Inmanlinman@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5079(310) 243-2124Director
Ashley Carteracarter@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5515(310) 243-3264Administrative Support Cooridinator
Tanae Aubrytaubry1@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5079(310) 243-2368Academic Advisor
Cristina de Dios Rodriguezcdediosrodriguez@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5083(310) 243-2894Academic Specialist
Jamie Harnagejharnage2@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5508(310) 243-2583Academic Advisor
Teresa Paynetpayne11@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5085(310) 243-3043Academic Advisor
Cathi Ryancryan@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5075(310) 243-2714Academic Advisor
Chanel Shortercshorter@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5073(310) 243-2630Graduation Specialist
Penny Whiteplabaun@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5479(310) 243-2162Academic Advisor


Department NameDepartment ChairOfficePhone
Africana StudiesDr. Donna NicolLaCorte Hall, A-338(310) 243-3420
Art and DesignJim KevilleLaCorte Hall, A-111(310) 243-3310
Asian Pacific StudiesDr. Mary Lacanlale-(310) 243-1029
Chicana and Chicano Studies--(310) 243-3389
CommunicationsDr. Brant Burkey-(310) 243-3313
Dance Program- Theatre Arts DepartmentDoris ResslLaCorte Hall, A-109(310) 243-3588
Department of MusicDr. Scott MorrisLaCorte Hall, E-303(310) 243-3543
Digital Media ArtsDr. George VinovichLaCorte Hall, A-215(310) 243-3945
EnglishDr. Andrew KalaidjianLaCorte Hall, B-334(310) 243-1047
HistoryDr. Laura TalamanteLaCorte Hall, A-340(310) 243-3451
Humanities--(310) 243-3389
Interdisciplinary StudiesDr. Anne ChoiNorth Library, 4579(310) 243-3640
Labor StudiesDr. Stephen McFarlandNorth Library, 4500-M(310) 243-3640
Modern LanguagesBenito GómezLaCorte Hall, C-310(310) 243-3315
Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, & Peace BuildingDr. Brian JarrettNorth Library, 5515(310) 243-3237
PhilosophyDr. Brian GregorLaCorte Hall, C-312(310) 243-3636
Theatre ArtsDoris ResslLaCorte Hall, A-111(310) 243-3310
Women's StudiesDr. Jenn BrandtLaCorte Hall, C-310(310) 243-3315