Message From the Chair

Nancy Cheever

Welcome to the Communications Department website. To the right of this screen you will find a wealth of information about our program. We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in one of the following: Advertising/Public Relations, Journalism, and Media Studies.

Our goal is to teach students how to create and critically analyze textual and visual media content while providing an understanding of the various media industries, professions, and practices; media laws, theories and research methods; and media messages and representations. We encourage students to respect and celebrate all forms of diversity, and we train students to be sensitive to and provide a voice for underserved populations and communities, work in the public interest, and engage in social responsibility to audiences and the society at large.

Our rigorous departmental curricula are designed to prepare students to pursue careers as communications professionals in the media-rich communications industries and corporations. Students from other disciplines, seeking to improve their communications skills and knowledge about the media and their impact upon society, will find a variety of course offerings available and may choose to pursue a Communications minor.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with an enriching educational experience that is transformative and experiential.

Nancy A. Cheever, Ph.D.