The Bulletin

The CSUDH Bulletin newspaper is produced by students enrolled in COM 355, News Production Workshop at CSUDH. However, the Bulletin is editorially independent, meaning that it is not under the editorial direction of the Communications Department, College of Arts and Humanities, or CSUDH administration. The Bulletin financially depends on advertising and university grants and is distributed for free to the campus community.

The award-winning newspaper, advised by a faculty member, reports factually accurate information and engages in diverse conversation. Similarly, as a student-run, student-produced newspaper, we cover, reflect upon, and engage with the campus and surrounding community. Moreover, the CSUDH Bulletin is an independent editorial voice representing the students of CSUDH. In other words, the values or opinions expressed do not directly reflect the department or university.

The CSUDH Bulletin is a general interest publication and therefore reports on news, sports, lifestyle, arts and entertainment, as well as thoughtful opinion pieces. Most important is practicing and abiding by professional standards. In conclusion, our newsroom, located on the third floor of the CSUDH library, is a laboratory environment allowing staff members to learn first-hand what it is like to write, produce, edit, and publish a newspaper.

For story ideas, letters, questions, and anything else relating to the newspaper, please email us at Additionally, if interested in advertising, please email us at

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