Hollywood by the Horns

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The Hollywood by the Horns Program was launched in the Fall of 2014 with a twofold mission:

1) to create meaningful connections between our diverse, hardworking, talented students and professionals in the entertainment industries

2) to foster our students' creative voices and help them see how they can best make a positive impact on the entertainment industries and its representations/stories.

The name, Hollywood by the Horns, signals our hope to empower our students – the Toros – to “take Hollywood by the Horns.” Since 2014, it has since become a standout program on campus and a flagship initiative for the Communications Department and the FTVM degree program. Each year, Hollywood by the Horns hosts events on and off campus that bring our students closer to the entertainment industries. Please contact Program Director Toddy Eames for information: vteames@csudh.edu