Clubs & Organizations

Anime Club

The purpose of the CSUDH Anime Club is to enhance the academic environment by stimulating the growth and appreciation of Anime as an art form as well as the awareness and understanding all aspects of Japanese Culture.

Dominguez Hills Arts Collective

The Dominguez Hills Arts Collective is an interdisciplinary community organization dedicated to facilitating the accessibility and engagement of the arts. Our goal is to collaborate with all students and organizations in a way that demonstrates unity and involvement, addressing a wide range of issues in the form of an art practice.

Asian & Pacific Cultural Center

The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center serves as a cultural home away from home for Asian & Pacific Islander Toros. Join us for engagement opportunities toward API student success at CSU Dominguez Hills. APCC engages and empowers students through community building, identity development, activism, and partnering campus and community resources. As a historically marginalized community, we strive to create visibility for API students at CSUDH by highlighting and celebrating API cultures, art, and success.

Asian & Pacific Islander Association

The Asian & Pacific Islander Association's mission is to further the development of Asian American & Pacific Islander identity, support student members, and provide opportunities for professional growth through enhancing each member’s interest and involvement in social, cultural, and political events. DH students of all backgrounds are welcome to join!

Association of Latino Professionals for America

ALPFA is the leading national professional association, consisting of chapters across the country and Puerto Rico. ALPFA is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in the business, accounting, finance and related professions. Membership is open to anyone who shares our values, vision, and mission.

Black Resource Center

The mission of the Black Resource Center (BRC) is to improve the collegiate experience and educational outcomes of Black students at California State University, Dominguez Hills by providing a network of academic, personal, and professional support services and culturally-relevant programming. The center aims to be a safe and welcoming space that promotes the holistic growth and development of Black students through the joint effort and support of faculty, staff, administrators, and the broader DH community

Black Student Union

We are the Black Student Union. It is our mission to be a vessel of love and uplifting; to foster creative expression; to set a standard of academic excellence, and to ultimately be the main space for Black student life to flourish on campus.

Ceramics Guild

The Ceramics Guild is a collective of artists working to enhance their skills through community, mentor ship, and practice. Membership to the guild does not require any level of experience; only a willingness to learn and participate with guild culture. The guild also helps maintain the ceramics lab by cleaning and organizing.

English Graduate Association

The English Graduate Association promotes literacy, English and professional development, and the building of student leadership. Our purpose is to build student leadership and instructional practices through developing a strong student community.

Hermanas Unidas

Hermanas Unidas provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional leadership opportunities and resources to predominately Latina/Chicana students by participating in and organizing academic, community service, and social events/workshops.

History Club

Cal State University, Dominguez Hills History Club is a community of students and alumni that come together to build relationships and networking together.

Korean Culture Club

Korean Culture Club promotes the heritage, identity, and pride of Korean and Non-Korean students here at CSUDH with mutual understanding and friendship. This will be accomplished by means of various activities facilitated by KCC that enable the voices of the Korean and Non-Korean individual student body to be brought to the forefront of the CSUDH consciousness. We encourage campus unity while celebrating diversity.

Labor and Social Justice Club

The Labor and Social Justice Club was established to encourage learning and participation in the issues of the labor movement and community and social and environmental justice.

Latinx Cultural Resource Center

The Latinx Cultural Resource Center serves as the cultural home or “La Casita” to support the personal, academic, and professional success of Latinx Students at CSU Dominguez Hills. La Casita provides peer-to-peer support, culturally relevant programming, and campus partnerships. Our resources include a focus on academic and career readiness, social justice, community building, and embracing our identidad, arte, & cultura.

Muslim Student Union

The Muslim Student Union at CSUDH is a religious student organization which seeks to serve the Muslim student community by providing religious services and fostering social, spiritual, educational, and moral development in a way that compels Muslim students to contribute positively and uniquely to the campus community and beyond.


The purpose of this organization is to cultivate excellence among Pacific Islanders and members of the Oceania community in higher-education. As a collective, we are dedicated to increasing awareness of and strengthening our individual “Nesian” identities within our society. Our organization strives to support, empower, and serve students of Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian descent. We plan to achieve this through leadership development, cultural revitalization, and educational dialogue focused on the complex heritage of Pacific Islanders.

Pagsikapan - PASC

A Pilipinx-American Student Community, exists for the betterment of California State University, Dominguez Hills’ campus and the communities surrounding it. Through collaboration with students and faculty members from varying ethnic backgrounds, PASC works to unify all cultures within Dominguez Hills to prosper individually and as a society by sharing Pilipino culture and values through our activities and outreach.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is open to all majors and persons interested in pursuing philosophical thought and conversation outside of the classroom. Here at the Philosophy Club we're interested in learning what you think! Our mission is to create an ambiance where students feel comfortable expressing and exploring philosophical concepts from ethical and moral dilemmas to practical applications of ideologies in the modern world through film.

Riichi Mahjong Club

Come with your friends to play riichi mahjong with us! Players of all levels are welcome -- we'll provide a space for you to learn and play at your own pace in a non-competitive environment!

Vietnamese Student Association

The California State Dominguez Hills Vietnamese Student Association strives to preserve, represent, and promote Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture at California State University Dominguez Hills. Our mission is to provide a safe space where both Vietnamese, Vietnamese-Americans, and those interested in Vietnamese culture can come together in community to learn about, share, and spread awareness of Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American experiences.