Student Resources

Career Center

The Career Center fosters early career and professional development and believes that student empowerment is intrinsic to the development of career management skills. We recognize that career development is a life-long process, so we offer opportunities for both students and alumni to explore, discover, and make purposeful career-related decisions in order to become adept professionals and positive contributors to society. Additionally, we provide access to internships and employment opportunities to enhance the success of our students and alumni for whom we serve.

CARE Coordination Session

During a CARE coordination session, students are encouraged to openly share matters such as personal stress, academic concerns, or social challenges that may be affecting them. Open dialogue can help work together to identify next steps.

Food Support

Students can recieve food from Teddy's Pantry, CalFresh, or a Hot Meal Card at no expense to them.

Housing Support

The short-term emergency housing assistance program provides students who are experiencing housing insecurities, housing displacements, or homelessness with temporary housing services to ensure the students’ safety and time to acquire permanent and secure housing.

Immigrant Justice Center

The mission of the Immigrant Justice Center is to advocate for equity and create accessible services, programs, and opportunities to support the holistic and collective growth of individuals impacted by our immigration system.

LightCast Skills

Identify your skills and receive personalized career and educational recommendations.

Older Adult Center

The Older Adult Center serves as a support system for older students on campus but provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for people of all ages. Services include a fee waiver program for students over age 60. The OAC also provides many other academics and social opportunities for students, faculty, and staff including internships for Graduate program majors and others.

Peer Prevention Education Coalition

The purpose of this organization is to create a campus environment free from the threat of sexual violence. PPEC provides education and information that helps empower CSUDH students to be proactive in addressing sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.

Queer Culture and Resource Center

The Queer Culture & Resource Center seeks to improve the culture and climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, two-spirit, nonbinary individuals along all gender, romantic, and sexual spectrums. The QCRC is a space for the campus to come together, find support, and build connections and relationships to queer culture, people, and programs.

Student disAbility Resource Center

The Students disAbility Resource Center office is committed to providing opportunities for higher education to students with disabilities; to increase the representation of persons with disabilities in its student enrollment; and to make its programs, activities and facilities fully accessible to persons with disabilities. This includes identification and removal of architectural barriers; consultation on course accommodations; the loan of assistive devices; advising and referral to on and off campus services.

Student Health Services

The Student Health Center is staffed by a group of health care professionals who are dedicated to your wellness. Physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and clinical assistants provide basic outpatient services for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and subacute illnesses and injuries. For medical and surgical problems which are beyond the scope of the Student Health Services, students are provided with referrals to local community health facilities.

Student Psychological Services

At Student Psychological Services, our mission is to provide a variety of quality mental health services intended to assist you in developing your full potential as a student and an emotionally healthy individual. Our goal is to empower you to resolve your personal issues, which can free you to focus effectively on your academic pursuits and to benefit from all that CSUDH has to offer.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services Program is a federal funded program designed to provide academic assistance and enhance educational opportunities for SSS Participants. Our program is designed to support the academic needs of 160 eligible CSU, Dominguez Hills students. Participants are offered a variety of services to ensure a smooth transition to CSUDH as well as ongoing support towards the successful completion of their postsecondary education. This program and its services is offered free of charge to participants.

Title IX

CSUDH is committed to creating and sustaining an educational and working environment free of sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. If you experience any of these forms of misconduct, you are strongly encouraged to utilize the various on- and off-campus resources. Your safety and well-being is a top priority for the university.

Toro CARE Grant

The Toro CARE grant provides assistance to students who are struggling with a personal crisis or an unforeseen situation. Qualified students are rendered assistance in the form of single, one-time awards. The Toro CARE funding is not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring expenses, and awards are not loans that students are expected to repay. The value of the award will range in response to the needs of the student and the availability of funding.

Toro Guardian Scholars

Toro Guardian Scholars, also known as TGS, at California State University, Dominguez Hills is dedicated to supporting college students that have transitioned from the foster care system. We provide a unique program that connects students to a wide range of services and resources that will guide them throughout their educational journey. The objective of our services is to assist young adults as they continue to expand their educational and interpersonal skills on their path to becoming future independent leaders and role models within the community.

Women+s Resource Center

The Women+s Resource Center advances gender equity, social justice, and an inclusive campus climate through co-curricular programming, support services, and opportunities designed to empower women of all backgrounds. We serve the entire campus community, and we welcome people of all gender identities and expressions.