College Manager of Academic Resources

Gwendolyne D. Taylor
Academic Resource Manager
Library Bldg. (North Wing), 5th floor, Suite 5090

(310) 243-3360


As the College Manager of Academic Resources, Gwen has the responsibility for developing, monitoring, planning, and scheduling all fiscal affairs of the College. Gwen serves as the resource person on fiscal matters, assists in the formulation of fiscal policies and procedures, oversees resource scheduling, and is the College liaison to the campus community on fiscal matters.Gwen manages the College fiscal year and College year budgets, monitors expenditures, analyzes data, conducts audits, performs reconciliation, and maintains account control.She also has the responsibility for ensuring account balances, compliance with policies and procedures, explains governmental regulations, and provides fiscal guidance, while maintaining financial databases, complying with and verifying data for periodic financial and administrative reporting.