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Statement of Solidarity

The faculty and staff of the CSUDH History Department stand in solidarity with African Americans and all of those protesting the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Breonna Taylor, the most recent victims of racist police and white vigilante violence in America. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. As historians, we understand that the political mobilizations occurring across the country are an outgrowth of centuries of racial oppression as well as centuries of resistance to that oppression. We further recognize that at this historical conjuncture, with a racist demagogue endorsing white nationalism from the White House lawn, it is especially important that each of us through critical self-reflection and through civic engagement strives to disrupt the deeply rooted racial and gender hierarchies of power and value that perpetuate police violence against African Americans. We are committed to making the study of history a tool for promoting equality and progressive social change by documenting the reality of structural inequalities, by identifying abuses of state power in the name of “law and order,” and by demonstrating how social justice movements of the past advanced the cause of equality in the United States and globally.

We also write to express concern and support for our students as they encounter and attempt to make sense of ongoing cases of state-sanctioned violence - including militarized responses to nationwide protests - during the COVID-19 pandemic that is already disproportionately affecting their lives, families, and communities. As President Parham indicated in his email, students and staff in numerous offices stand ready to assist those in need. These include:

The promotion of civic engagement and social justice has been central to the mission of the university and the History Department since their inception, but clearly our most important work lies ahead. The History faculty and staff pledge that as teachers, scholars, and mentors we will work continuously to improve our efforts to provide a transformative educational experience that empowers students to build a better future for our communities, our nation, and our world.

Department Mission

A careful study of the past helps us better understand the present.

History as an academic and professional discipline continually looks for the best ways to help us understand times, people, and places very different from our own.

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News and Events

The History Department Office:

The History Department Office on campus is open Mondays through Friday from 7am to 4pm.
If you have questions, or if you are having difficulty contacting an instructor, you may call (310) 243-3382 during business hours or you may email him at rrubio@csudh.edu.
The College of Arts and Humanities phone number is (310) 243-3389.

Faculty/Student and Student/Faculty Communication:

Now, like never before, it is critical that you CHECK YOUR TOROMAIL daily. Faculty will communicate with students via Toromail, and Toromail is also the best way for students to communicate with faculty. Please follow the instructions that you receive from faculty regarding how to ask questions about class meetings or class assignments. Some may have set up “live” but remote office hours; others may have set up discussion boards on Blackboard for student questions. Others may manage via Toromail.

If you have program questions (about graduation, petitions, etc.), you may contact me at ltalamante@csudh.edu. Please note that due to the heavy volume of emails, it may take me up to twenty-four hours to respond.

Advising for Fall 2022 Enrollment Coming Soon!

The faculty who provide advising are:

We hope that all of you are safe and healthy. Please know that the staff and faculty of the History Department are doing everything they can to help students succeed academically in these trying times. 

Laura Talamante
Department Chair