Student Resources

Campus Cultural Resource Centers

Black Resource Center | Loker Student Union, Room 132

The mission of the Black Resource Center (BRC) is to improve the collegiate experience and educational outcomes of Black students at California State University, Dominguez Hills by providing a network of academic, personal, and professional support services and culturally-relevant programming.

Latinx Cultural Resource Center | Loker Student Union, Room 110

The Latinx Cultural Resource Center (LCRC) serves as the cultural home or “La Casita” to support the personal, academic, and professional success of Latinx Students at CSU Dominguez Hills. La Casita provides peer-to-peer support, culturally relevant programming, and campus partnerships. Our resources include a focus on academic and career readiness, social justice, community building, and embracing our identidad, arte, & cultura.

Toro Dreamers Success Center | Loker Student Union, Room 111

The mission of the Toro Dreamers Success Center (TDSC) is to advocate for equity and create accessible services, programs and opportunities to support the holistic development of students regardless of immigration status.

Student Food and Shelter Resources

Toro Food Pantry

The mission of the Toro Food Pantry is to assist and support CSUDH students who may experience food challenges, such as skipping one or more meals per day. At no cost, CSUDH students are able to visit one of three food pantries that we have on campus and to receive food distribution that they need. Our goal at CSUDH is to eliminate any food insecurities that students are experiencing on campus. If you are currently a CSUDH undergraduate or graduate student, you are eligible to use the Food Pantry resources.

Short Term Housing

CSUDH has a short-term emergency housing program that is designed to provide students who are experiencing housing insecurities and/or displacement with temporary University Housing Services.