Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding

The Program on Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace-building is an exciting professional program, aimed at building practical skills and knowledge. Founded in 1987, the Program produces scholar-practitioners. It has a large alumni base both nationally and internationally. Courses are taught in an applied, interactive manner, with hands-on exercises. Its professors, who are drawn from among the best in the country, are all leading contributors recognized at the national level. Each brings a particular expertise to the classroom associated with his or her chosen specialty and practice area. The program provides rigorous education in the field in a supportive and friendly learning environment. Coursework includes key areas of practice including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, fact-finding, investigation, early neutral evaluation, program evaluation, ombudsman work, dispute-systems design, and restorative practice.

In addition to providing education in all the standard practice skills, the program goes further than many others by emphasizing inter-cultural practice and organizational development. This provides students with the knowledge and skills to work not only as a valuable employee in a variety of industry settings but also as a skilled consultant to business organizations, communities, government, courts, law enforcement, NGOs, and in a host of related institutions. Students, alumni, and colleagues in the professional network consistently rank the Program on Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peace-building as one of the best in the nation because it offers high-quality education at an affordable price.

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10th Annual International Cyber-Conference on Dispute Resolution

10th Annual International Cyber-Conference on Dispute Resolution

You are invited to our 10th Annual International Cyber-Conference on Dispute Resolution, Wed. April 8 @ Noon-2:30 pm (US Pacific Coast Time). Please invite your students, colleagues, and community members to participate in this international event.

For nearly a decade, the Cyber-conference has promoted a global town-hall style dialogue between students, professors, mediators, arbitrators, Indigenous Peacemakers, scholars, lawyers, judges, law-makers, teachers, policy think-tanks, community leaders, and restorative practitioners in both the public and private sector. The conference supports the work of those building safer and healthier communities all over the world.

This year, our theme focuses on community engagement and human flourishing. Our Keynote Speaker is Jessica Jackley, who will discuss her work, including KIVA (the global micro-loan program) and her recent work in Green Banking. Here is a Ted Talk Jessica gave on KIVA.

CSUDH NCRP students Matthias Sieber and Manuela Aguilar selected as members of the Heart to Heart, second Racial, Equity, Healing and Justice facilitative Cohort

The California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ) will host the second Racial Equity and Healing Justice (REHJ) Facilitator Training for "Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation — Los Angeles (TRHT-LA)." Support for the new program comes from Southern California grant makers and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

NCRP students were selected from a group of 150 applicants including community activists, professional mediators and facilitators, clergy, educators and students.

NCRP students will be taught how to facilitate meaningful and informed conversations about race and racism. The REHJ Facilitator Training is a trailblazing program that will prepare participants to dialogue about racial inequalities that people face every day.

They will learn the history of racism and how it has changed over time as well as the impact that race has on all of us. The training begins with a two-day retreat in January and will end in June 2020. In those five months, there will be five Saturday training dates and an opportunity to practice engaging with community members about racial justice.

The Racial Equity and Healing Justice (training) is an opportunity for NCRP students to learn what they can do to challenge racism and build real unity and justice in their communities.

What’s most amazing is that NCRP students will become members of a small and very elite National group of specialized Racial Equity and Healing Justice trained facilitators. To be selected to join the cohort is truly an honor.

Olatunji Oniyaomebi and Bouchra Azizy Publish Article

Former graduates, Olatunji Oniyaomebi and Bouchra Azizy, have just been published in the Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal. Both have earned a Master's degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace-building and both are currently working as mediators in LA County.