Program Learning Outcomes


Our professionally focused MA provides hands on skills and delivers the following learning outcomes.

Demonstrate the ability to bring ethnic, cultural, religious, creative, critical, ethical, historical, and humanitarian understanding to problem solving in this new millennium.

Demonstrate the ability to select and apply tools of negotiation, conflict and peacebuilding appropriately to achieve personal, community, national and international goals.

Demonstrate, as a conflict participant, the ability to negotiate through mediation a peaceful resolution that meets or exceeds predetermined goals; and, as a neutral, the ability to mediate to bring two or more parties to a successful peaceful agreement.

Demonstrate the ability to find, read, understand, and objectively as well as critically evaluate educational materials concerning specific conflicts and their causes.

Demonstrate the ability to integrate theoretical, analytical, research and practical skills by analyzing the sources and dynamics of specific conflicts.

Demonstrate the ability to research and write clear, concise, coherent, and correct prose, evidencing critical thinking at the graduate level.