Welcome to Dance at Dominguez Hills!

Department Coordinator: Doris Ressl Acosta

Welcome to Dance at Dominguez Hills! Our vibrant and growing dance program is a training ground in contemporary, classical, and world dance styles. Majors and non-majors have the opportunity to study Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Middle Eastern Dance, African Dance, and Hip Hop. Courses in Choreography, Dance Production, Acting, Dance History, and Dance Perceptions round out the dance program to offer professional experiences to all.

In addition to the essential foundations of dance, students have choreographic and performance opportunities. Each semester dance concerts are held in the University Theatre featuring student, faculty, and guest choreographers and performers. Students have opportunities to perform at events on and off campus and at the American College Dance Festival.

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers an undergraduate program, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance with a Dance Option. Students can also compliment their major degree by receiving a minor in dance. And dance classes are available to all CSUDH students who are most welcome to enroll in dance classes and participate in performances.

CSUDH students work closely with a highly trained and experienced dance faculty. Students also have the opportunity to participate in master dance classes by regional and nationally known artists.

Please come visit us, peruse our website, take a dance class, and experience the joy of dance.

Doris Ressl Acosta
Professor of Dance

Dear Students of the CSUDH Theatre and Dance Community:

Black lives matter. This is a phrase we are seeing everywhere now, but we at the Department want to emphasize its deep meaning for us today. The phrase brings focus to the prejudices, injustices and racism suffered by the black community since the origins of America. That story is one of physical brutality, senseless death and systemic oppression. We believe that the intention behind that phrase is not to divide us, but to appeal to our common humanity and create a healthy learning environment where diverse voices are not only heard, but also celebrated. We know that we can and must do better to support our Black and Brown students, faculty, staff and alumni. We want to act for justice, to work toward equality, and to listen more closely to understand the diverse experiences of our students. With the artistic dedication of our mission to tell stories that foster empathy for all peoples, Theatre and Dance can be an example of the change we want to see not only in our university, but also in communities around us, and thus we pledge to denounce racism, bigotry and violence in all its forms. We firmly believe that all lives won’t matter unless Black Lives Matter.

Thank you,

Department of Theatre and Dance

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