Mission & Vision


The mission of the Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political & Economic Institute is to build community and institutional memory, through a digital archive, of the history and contributions of African American elected officials, business leaders, and community leaders who have influenced the progress of the State of California and the nation; to influence public policy debates through on-going academic and community research dealing with African American political and economic development concerns and impacts in California and elsewhere around the nation; to help develop the next generation of elected officials, civic, and policy leaders; and to engage the CSUDH community through cultural experiences that promote the Dymally influence in the African Diaspora.


The vision of the Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political & Economic Institute is to be a nationally-renowned academic and thought leader in scholarly research, public policy engagement, and academic programs and projects focused in African American communities in California and nationwide.

Through the development of a rich oral and digital history project, the MDAAPEI explores and documents the professional lives and achievements of African American public-elected officials, business leaders and policymakers. The Institute will also examine the impact of their public policy efforts on the political and economic development of African American and other disadvantaged communities.

The MDAAPEI will provide training programs for current and future leaders, including the Dymally Fellows Program, which allows for males of color to travel internationally to expand their worldview and higher education ambitions. The MDAAPEI also supports the African American Leadership Training Program for high school students and entrepreneurial directed training for local businesses. The Institute will stage and support cultural events for CSUDH students and the community at large that highlight the Dymally influence on the African Diaspora.