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The Dymally Institute Fellows program exposes students of color to careers in politics and social justice. Spectrum News Video by Ryann Blackshere Vargas

The Dymally Institute Fellows program exposes students of color to careers in politics and social justice.

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Student fellowship program addressing need for political diversity.

PUBLISHED 3:12 PM PT APR. 27, 2022

The Need for a MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows Program

Mervyn Dymally African American Political and Economic Institute (MDAAPEI) believes that the future of any society depends on its willingness to prepare youth for leadership and to become critical thinkers committed to advancing their communities, society and the world. MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows Program in Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship is designed to provide effective cutting-edge leadership training to develop youth with skills and knowledge to become change agents in the formulation of public policy and the development of local economies.  The institute builds on our student’s current knowledge by offering academic and socially enriching activities in community affairs, information and communication technologies and provide an advanced mentorship program that will aid them to become advocates for justice.  The MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows Program provides opportunities for our students to learn how to serve as catalysts for change in their personal lives and communities in which they live.  MDAAPEI has developed partnerships with distinguished scholars, government officials, trade unionists and business professionals who have been selected to educate and train our youth to develop and implement their leadership skills in the real world.  Providing training for youth to serve in leadership capacities is essential to enable them to develop confidence in fulfilling the leadership challenges they face now and will experience in the future.

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal: The MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows Program is committed to preparing youth for decision and policy-making responsibilities in public and private institutions.  The overall goal of the program is to empower youth to be politically conscious and involved; entrepreneurially competent and productive; and become responsible future political and business leaders. 

Objectives:  Upon completing the MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows Program in Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship, the youth will be able to:

  1. Develop public policies needed to produce significant changes at local, national and global levels.
  2. Design and implement innovative programs that effectively initiate and sustain needed local, national and international community services at the grassroots level.
  3. Empower youth to manage and sustain healthy mental and behavioral health & wellness
  4. Apply the principles of business development to solve social problems associated with building local economies by devising strategies that combine business planning with social concerns.

Principals and Procedures Guiding the Selection of Participants 

The MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows Program accepts applicants from high school Juniors and Seniors and college students January 1st through March 30th every year.  Applicants should maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or better and have a demonstrated interest in civic engagement, community engagement, public policy issues and entrepreneurship.  Students interested should apply by the use the following application procedure:

  1. Complete an online application that includes a 500-word written statement of your academic goals and interests in the Dymally Fellows Program.
  2. One letters of recommendation one of which should be from an individual who is qualified to attest to the candidate’s academic potential.

2022-2023 Academic Year

Mervyn Dymally’s work in the United States Senate, House of Representatives and the Pan African community is the driving force that shapes the framework for the Dymally Fellows program.   The central aim of the MDAAPEI Dymally Fellows program is to enhance critical thinking of youth to transform them into change agents in their communities, society and the global world.  2022-2023 academic curriculum will focus on five key principles:

  • Leadership Training
  • Advocacy
  • Social and Political Engagement
  • Mental & Behavioral Health and Wellness
  • Economic Development

Fall 2022 Schedule

September 24
Virtual Orientation: Program Intro and Review Dymally Fellows’ Codes of Ethics  

October  15
Forward Thinking: Discussion on Constitutional Reform

October 29
Local and State Politics: Political Leadership   

November 19
California Black Legislative Caucus: The Legislative Process – Sacramento, CA

December 10th
Local Trip - TBA

Spring 2023 Session

January 28
Parliamentary Procedures and IMAU Preparation

February 23-26
International Model African Union Conference – Washington DC

March 25th
Financing your Future Now: Understanding Money and Tools for Investing

April 23th
Health and Wellness: Check In

May 2023
Community Service Activity

Summer 2023 Academic Activities & International Travel

  • 5 Week Academic Program (June  – July)
  • International Trip to South Africa