Jazz and Arts Festival

2023 Dymally International Jazz and Arts Festival

The Inaugural Dymally International Jazz & Arts Festival in 2019

The Dymally International Jazz Arts and Arts Festival, first implemented in 2019, is designed to use artistic culture to promote and inspire thought. The late Mervyn Dymally was an internationalist, traveling over 60 countries throughout his political career-promoting the exchange of cultures throughout the world. We are seeking to honor his legacy in bringing the BEST of jazz and jazz-influenced music, arts, and culture to CSUDH and surrounding communities. The proceeds of this annual event benefit university programs such as the CSUDH Presidential Scholars, The Dymally Fellows Program and the African American Leadership Training Summit, as we seek to put our creative economy to work for the benefit of higher education.


Jazz In Pink Live at Dymally International Jazz & Arts Festival 2023

Teodross Avery Group performing on the Just Jazz Stage

PHER performs on the Just Jazz Stage at Dymally Jazz Festival