SCE Switchyard

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Dear Campus Community,

CSUDH continues to transform. Construction begins Monday, November 13, 2023, and mobilization is underway to prepare the site for the construction of the New Electrical Switchyard Project and New Heat Pumps at the Central Plant Facility.

A construction fence will be completed by Friday, November 10, 2023, around the construction site (orange) and construction trailers will be located across Birchknoll Drive on the gravel lot (purple).

Pedestrian pathways from Parking Lots 1 & 2 to Parking Lot 7, Science & Innovation, SAC 2 and 3, and Classroom Village are rerouted along Student Housing Phase I and II walkways. Please see the map below for additional details.

In addition, a new pedestrian sidewalk will be constructed alongside the west side of Birchknoll Drive from International Ave. to Unity Drive. For minimal disruption to the campus operations, this work is projected to begin in summer of 2024.


Please be aware of construction activities along Birchknoll Drive and always watch for construction traffic. Do not enter construction sites. The main driving route to the jobsite for construction deliveries will be from the Central Avenue campus gate, with access to campus from International Drive.

Pedestrian access (red dotted lines) around the project site will remain open and available during the construction phase with minor exceptions. Signage will be strategically placed around the construction zone.

announcement map

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Facilities Planning, Design and Construction (FPDC) Jose Gonzalez at (310) 243-1073.

About the Project

This project proposes to install a new 16.5kV SCE service feeder duct bank located in International Avenue and Birchknoll Drive to a new service switchyard to be constructed south of Student Housing Phase 3, west of Birchknoll Drive, north and Unity Drive and east of the Central Plant.

The New Switchyard will include an outdoor SCE 16.5kV metering switchgear housed in a conditioned steel building with Customer main breaker and two feeder breakers.

The 16.5kV service voltage will be stepped down to 12kV by two 7500kVA/10,0000kVA transformers installed in the switchyard.

The new 12,000V switchgear will be housed in a conditioned steel building and be configured main-tie-main with feeder breakers to supply and campus 12kV loop feeders.

The switchyard will include two solid dielectric switches to supply campus loads and the station power transformers.

The switchgear building will include auxiliary equipment needed for operation, control, and communications.

Devices required for future SCADA and microgrid controls will be included.

A new duct bank will be installed from the switchyard to the existing Central Plant 12kV switchgear location.

Additional Information

SCE SwitchYard Presentation [PDF]


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Subhi Murad, Senior Project Manager at (310) 243-3540, or send him an email at Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the construction of this major capital outlay project designed to advance the mission of CSUDH.