Dr. Vivian Price

Dr. Vivian Price

Vivian Price, Ph.D.Vivian Price

Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
(310) 243-3649

Fall 2019 office hours TBA.

Understanding people, history, and politics has fueled my teaching and research. I returned to get my doctorate in Politics and Society at the University of California, Irvine, after having worked in factories, refineries and then as a union electrician.

While I finished my dissertation on affirmative action and community pressure in construction employment, I made a film about tradeswomen called Hammering It Out, so that my research could reach a broader audience.

I've published chapters from my dissertation in Feminist Economics (2002) and in a collection of essays, Women in Construction, Reed Publications (2004). Teaching at CSUDH is stimulating me to keep learning from my students and colleagues, and to keep pursuing activist research and filmmaking.