Message from the Chair

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies/Program for Accelerated College Education (IDS/PACE) and Weekend College!

Our department offers a major in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS). This is a broad-based, liberal arts and sciences major that focuses on developing skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. As a result, majoring in IDS provides excellent preparation for the workplace and for entry into graduate or professional schools.

We are also a PACE program which means that our IDS majors are primarily transfer students with 60 units. Why is this important? PACE is designed for working, adult students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree—paying affordable state-subsidized fees—as quickly as possible while working full-time. With this in mind our classes are offered at night, online or through our Weekend College that offers classes on Saturday and Sunday.

So if you are interested in promoting at work, interested in changing careers, preparing for graduate school, or you just want to finish your college degree----contact us today.