Career Possibilities

Interdisciplinary Studies provides one of the best modes for students who are not in one of the “professional studies” areas to prepare for a career following graduation. Throughout the design of the individual program, the student and his/her mentor will discuss “after college” plans. If it is determined that it will be necessary for the student to pursue an advanced degree (master’s degree, law degree, doctoral program), then the most appropriate undergraduate courses for entrance into and success in that graduate program will be built into the undergraduate major.

In other cases, a student may wish to add one or more professional courses to his/her Interdisciplinary Studies program to prepare for a particular career field to be entered upon completion of the bachelor’s degree. In all cases, the ultimate use of the undergraduate degree earned from CSU Dominguez Hills through Interdisciplinary Studies will be constantly assessed during the development of that degree so that the student is as fully prepared as possible to enter a career directly or to continue his/her education in graduate school. As future needs are discovered, the mentor will assist the student in choosing appropriate courses, internships or other undergraduate preparations to meet those needs.

Graduates from the Interdisciplinary Studies Program successfully have completed law school, have careers in teaching, counseling, personnel management and computer engineering. While the majority of graduates continue their educations in graduate or professional schools, many have opened their own successful businesses or have taken positions of their choice in all areas of commerce, industry and the arts.